03 November 2016

Megans 24 Hour Escorts in Knightsbridge

If you had 24 hours to have some fun in London, where would you go? What would you do? And whom would you spend your time with? Let us help you with all three of those questions.

Step one would be choosing your perfect companion, for your 24 hour stay.

Step two would be the area.

Step three what would you do?...hmmm let us take a moment to make sure all steps are taken.

One of our favourite places to go in London is Knightsbridge. So sit back and relax, let us give you a back massage and our top tip guide to this hot spot in West London. 

When it comes to Knightsbridge you will first and foremost know the area for the famous store Harrods and for the exclusive shopping area and plush residential homes. We are going to look behind the luxury and let you feel and taste the real Knightsbridge. 

We have the ideal Knightsbridge escort companions for you to show you the best and most discreet places to let your hair down whilst having fun in West. Please call 0207 175 1916.

We like to start our days off with a bit of retail therapy, looking at fashion, jewellery and perfume is where we like to splash the cash! You cannot beat the luxuries and gifts waiting at the retail shops on Brompton Road. From tourist attraction Harrods to the classic famous Burberry you will not be bored for long. 

But how about imagining your date in saucy underwear? We have the perfect place! Agent Provocateur…. this will shall spice up your date!

Once the retail outlets have been given a good seeing to, what better way than to start your evening by sipping on some fine cocktails and let your mind remember the lacey garments your companion of the evening is wearing. You can close your eyes and remember the red and black lace that is covering her most sensitive parts.  Take another sip of your Lime Zest Gin and look at the surroundings of the Bulgari Hotel Bar. You can’t miss the impressive centre piece bar and mirror polished granite black floors. Yourself and your date for the evening fit well into this place and you can’t wait to get her behind closed doors.   

If you fancy staying at the Bulgari Hotel, you will find that this 5 Star Hotel would not disappoint you at all. This hotel is spacious and has a large 25 metre pool and a Spa that features underwater aquatic therapies. You will find your mind body and soul feeling new experiences whilst staying not only with a great 5 Star hotel but also a fantastic 5-star companion from us.

What better way than to compliment your stay in West London.

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