December 22, 2022

Should I Buy A Christmas Gift For An Escort?

You may have been seeing an escort for a while. Or this may be your first time, and you want to show your companion a little appreciation this festive season. Either way, buying a gift for an escort can be a thoughtful touch some ladies appreciate. 

However, you must consider the escort you are buying for and if she would be happy to receive a gift. For some, it could be transgressing personal boundaries or blurring the lines of your relationship and can leave an escort feeling uncomfortable. Alternatively, some escorts love to be spoiled by luxurious gifts! 

Regardless, we are here to answer your questions about gift-giving to our lovely ladies! One essential rule to remember is that buying an escort a gift does not entitle you to free time or services or behave in a way disrespectful to her. So if you give a gift this Christmas, do it with your escort's interests in mind!

Is it appropriate to buy an escort a gift?

Honestly, this all depends on the escort! For some, a gift, regardless of how thoughtful it can be, transgresses major boundaries and can lead to an escort not wanting to see a client again. Whilst this is a personal preference, you have to respect escorting as her professional life, and you are not entitled to input into her personal life unless she wishes you to. 

Alternatively, some escorts may be comfortable with receiving gifts, and a Christmas present can be a great way to show appreciation for your time together. 

Should I Discuss it with her?

You can only know how she feels if you ask her; no matter how confident you are, she will like a gift. Whilst it may feel like it will ruin the surprise and defeat the object of gift-giving, it is always better to know than to disrespect a boundary.

Besides, discussing the concept of a gift is an excellent way of finding what she likes and getting something she wants, so do not be afraid to ask!

Research what she Likes

If you frequently spend time with a particular escort, you may already know what she likes and have a specific gift in mind. However, if you don't, we're here to help! Usually, girls' profiles reveal their likes and interests, such as their favourite type of flowers or perfume, so this can be a fantastic place to find Christmas gift ideas.

Gift Ideas

So you've spoken to your companion, decided that she is comfortable with receiving a gift and are unsure what to get her. Here at Megan's Models, we have compiled a list of Christmas gifts for escorts we recommend you buy, guaranteed to please the recipient. 

Luxury Lingerie Set

Just look through our gallery, and you'll see our beautiful ladies decked out in lace or latex pieces. Lingerie is a great gift to make an escort feel beautiful and adored. Not only is it something that will please her but something you can enjoy together when you next see each other.

Eloise, for example, adores pink lace in soft tones that frame her curves perfectly, particularly from Agent Provocateur

On the other hand, Audrey prefers something dark that matches her brunette hair with a sleek texture that heightens her dominatrix persona! Our top tip for gift giving is understanding your escort better so you can get her something she will truly love and be grateful for.

Spa or Massage Vouchers

Thinking of an escort outside the services they provide for you is also a lovely way of showing your appreciation at Christmas time. Why not treat them to a spa experience for themself so they can unwind and relax whilst off duty? 

A massage is a fantastic way for your lovely lady to unwind from the stresses of everyday life and a gift she would be grateful to receive. As a bonus for you, she can also learn some new techniques to make your time together that extra bit special.

Suppose you're meeting an escort in London. Why not book her a spa day at Aire Ancient Baths in Covent Garden, specialising in experiences that people used centuries ago, including luxuriating in the ancient baths?

Dorothy is not only a stunning redhead but loves history, making this experience the perfect gift for relaxation and her interests.

Beauty Products

For some men, beauty products can be a minefield, and it can be hard to find something you know an escort will love. Again, a voucher can be helpful if you are still determining what beauty products to buy, for example, from Clarins. However, if you prefer the personal touch, it may be worth asking her exactly what she likes.

Most girls will have a specific brand of lipstick in mind, such as Charlotte Tilbury, and have a shade of foundation that perfectly matches their skin. It will not ruin the surprise by asking this; appearing romantic and thoughtful, so you get to know an escort just that little bit better. 

Designer Perfume

Perfume is a beautiful Christmas gift for any sophisticated young lady and one an escort will love! You may already know what she wears or can describe her scent to a shop assistant so that you can get the perfect perfume for her.

Our model Diana is a classic beauty with refined tastes favouring Chanel No.5, as many famous women have before her. For a more floral scent, Gucci Flora is an option, or for a darker lady who enjoys deep sensual scents, Black Opium is the route to go down.


Champagne can either hit or miss depending on whether an escort drink, but if she does, champagne is the only option! Bubbly and delicious, allow your escort to revel in the glamour of sipping some of the world's best champagne. It can also be the perfect item for the pop open together if you are having an intimate evening indoors. Our girls are partial to a bit of Bollinger but open to other luxury champagne brands. 

Champagne is that special gift an escort can drink on Christmas day or enjoy whilst toasting in the new year. A glass of expensive champagne is a certified winner to any companion who drinks and is a fantastic option to show just how much you appreciate her!

Hopefully, you now have some gift ideas for the festive season and can give an escort the treat she deserves. From everyone here at Megan's Models, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!