Essential Tips on How to Have Rough Sex in the Best Way of Your Dreams

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Sex isn't always a peaceful, kissy-kissy, hand-holding, flowers in meadows, wonderful soft focus, lovey-dovey thing. Sex can be rough and intense at times. Many people engage in rough sex. However, rough sex is more common among young people. In this article, we'll explain what rough sex is and how to have rough sex. Keep reading to find out more.


Overview Of Rough Sex


There is no universal definition of rough sex nor a universal guide on how to have rough sex. This is because the reality is that rough sex cannot be summed up in a single act. In other words, what appears rough to one person may not seem unusual to another. However, rough sex usually involves some degree of combative sex.


Rough sex Usually comprises actions such as slapping, hair pulling, or even more "degrading" behaviours like consenting, choking or spitting. Some individuals may mistake rough sex for BDSM (Bondage-Discipline, Dominance-Submission, Sadism-Masochism). Although BDSM and rough sex are distinct concepts, they can be combined.


Key Tips on How To Have Rough Sex


These pointers can be useful if you and your partner are exploring and want to learn how to have rough sex, or you want to spice up your sex life and have the best rough sex of your dreams.


1. Ensure your partner wants rough sex too

First things first on how to have rough sex: Only engage in rough sex with a partner who is also interested in the act. If you want a thrilling rough sex experience, your partner must fully consent. If your partner is hesitant, you should think about taking it slow. If she doesn't know how to go about it, take your time to teach her how to have rough sex. The ideal situation is for your sexual partner to be experienced with rough sex and knowledgeable about what they're doing. Certainly, relishing the experience, which will increase the pleasure, you'll eventually derive from it.


2. Create the right atmosphere

By going the extra mile and creating the right atmosphere, rough sex may be raised to entirely new dimensions. Does a particular kind of music help you and your sexual partner get in the right frame of mind for a hot, sensual encounter? If so, amplify the music. Perhaps a specific role-playing scenario could spark your interest. Whatever it is, don't be scared to pursue it aggressively. It will enhance the overall experience and make it more memorable.


3. Have a safe word

This one is crucial. It's a good idea always to have a safe word, even if you and your partner are certain you are on the same page. A safe word can be a quick and simple way to inform your partner, "I need a break", or "stop" in case of a misunderstanding or mistakenly going over someone's limit. The greatest choice is a word that won't be confused with anything else. In the heat of the moment, "stop" can be interpreted as "don't stop," for instance. Use your imagination, and keep in mind the importance of communication.


4. Communicate your wants to your partner

Being open and honest with your sexual partner can help. Additionally, it is vital to understand their preferences. Hair pulling, spanking, and using certain devices like handcuffs, dildos, or blindfolds can all be an enormous turn-on for certain individuals while being turn-offs for others. Never be reluctant to speak up for your enjoyment.


5. Prepare yourselves

Having the right tools may turn regular sex into an amazing rough sex experience. The above-suggested toys are excellent choices for ramping up the heat. However, those who prefer their sex to be a little more intense might consider using whips and shackles. Partners will choose to be the dominating or the submissive partner during rough sex, depending on their preferences. However, both of you could decide to try out both sides.


6. Pin down your partner (if she's the submissive)

Because it makes them feel safe and allows them to express their sexuality with you freely, women (particularly feminine women) appreciate feeling restrained during sex. The simplest way to do this while on top of her is to grab her wrists and hold them together over her head. This can be done during intercourse or while making out. Additionally, you can give her a firm hug to keep her "secure." Her sense of restraint and, in a sense, control over you is what matters.

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