22 March 2017

Our Latest 24/7 London Model

Megan's Models is delighted to introduce our brand new 24/7 model escort from London. We are always excited to share our new models with our clients, and within this blog we will discuss everything you want to know about the gorgeous Roselle.

Rosella is our newest model to join our agency, and she certainly has a lot to offer. We hope that with this blog post our clients may just find the perfect escort London has to offer, and Rosella certainly has the chance be your perfect escort.


Roselle has to be one of the most beautiful models in London, and she just so happens to have an equally beautiful heart, with a gorgeous and welcoming personality that can make clients feel at ease no matter what.

She is certainly a woman that anyone can enjoy themselves with, although this is true in more ways than you think as Roselle is available to both males, and females.



Roselle has a beauty like no other, with elegance and charm flowing throughout her, with a hint of exotic features that can make any clients eyes widen and jaw drop. Her beauty echoes within her, from a healthy head of thick dark blonde hair that flows in the wind, to kind and youthful facial features, that really reflects the youth of a 21 year old.

Roselle has a range of features that our clients love, and many of you will be able to feel comfortable around her due to her warm and welcoming aura. Not forgetting a smile that can cheer up anyone's day, no matter how stressful, Roselle has the charm to brighten your day.



The elegance Roselle has to offer doesn't stop there, as her figure is one to make you look twice. Roselle is gifted with assets that you have only dreamed about, such as a physique infused with athletic curves that never stop, and a pair of 34C breasts that do nothing less than amplify her beauty.

There is certainly something about Roselle that anyone can be attracted to, and for some she can be an escort that is perfect for them, but no matter what, Roselle has everything she needs to give you noting less than a magical escorting experience, whether it's your first, or seventh experience she will infuse your night with excitement and wonder.  

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