What Is An A Level Escort?

If you’ve ever wanted to try something a little different then an A Level escort service is the way to go. An ‘A-level’ or ‘anal escort’ is a term used in the context of escort services to specify an escort who is willing to engage in anal intercourse with clients as part of their services. If you're among the many individuals who either enjoy or are curious about the sensations and pleasures of anal intimacy, then these escorts are ideally suited to your desires. Please keep in mind A Level is a specialised service and will cost extra based on the rates of each girl.

What Types Of Models Do We Have That Offer A Level?

At Megan's Models, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of models who cater to the various preferences and desires of our elite clientele. Our agency is constantly searching for new and exclusive ladies around the world, allowing us to continue growing our selection of high class anal escorts for you to choose from. 

For some anal sex is a definite no, while for others it's just something a little bit different ( and maybe with the thrill of being a bit naughtier ) to other forms of sex. Our open minded beautiful models who offer this service are all experienced at 'A levels' and guide you through this most intimate act from preparation to finish. We have all seen anal sex in porn but the real experience is not as it's depicted there - it can be a bit messy ( though nothing to worry about ) and is gentle, patient and sovery intimate. Let your model take the lead and determine the pace, position and preparation and you will experience an unforgettable encounter.

Please bear in mind that our models need advance notice to prepare for anal sex and it is always entirely at the lady's discretion - sometimes it just isn't physically comfortable for both partners.