May 03, 2023

How to Book an International Travel Escort with Megan’s Models

At Megan's Models, our high-class international escorts are delighted to accompany you on your global adventure. Whether you have booked this type of companionship before or it's your first time, we have created an extensive guide on how to book international travel companions. 

We have everything you need, from picking the perfect escort to arranging your meet-up in a different country. Let us do all the hard work for you at Megan's Models so you can focus on what is important- enjoying your trip away together!


Location, Location, Location

This may be the most obvious advice, but you need to decide where you are going before you book an escort for international travel. At Megan’s Models, we have a variety of locations across the globe with stunning high-class escorts waiting to meet you within them.

For example, if you are looking for escorts in Berlin in time for your upcoming trip, browse our gallery to see who is available. To discover what other locations our international escorts are in, just click the ‘location’ drop-down, and you will see a gallery of the ladies you can meet.


Discover the Perfect Model to Accompany You

As you can see, we display the full range of beauty you would expect from high-class escorts, and that's not all there is to discover about our companions. From our Brazilian escorts to our English roses, you can meet a model who is your type and someone you can connect with.

If you visit an escort's profile, you can see her complete list of services she enjoys, alongside her likes and interests. This gives you more information about the woman you are about to meet and will help you decide on the best companion to elevate your experience wherever you are.


Plan the Logistics of your Trip

Whilst you are browsing our high-class international escort gallery, it is important to factor in her rates and your budget for the trip. Are you looking for a lady to meet you for a night in your chosen destination? Or someone to go on a week-long trip where you can enjoy each other’s company entirely?

Before your booking, you need to know how long you want to spend with your companion and be prepared for how much it will cost. We remind our clients that travel expenses are your responsibility, not the escorts.


Any Questions? Ask Away!

Throughout the whole booking process, whether that is before, during or after you have contacted us, we recommend you ask any questions you may have about our international travel bookings. Our team at Megan’s Models are friendly and happy to help with any enquiry you may have, with no question being too silly. We have one priority: ensuring you and an escort have an exceptional experience you’ll cherish forever.


Booking an International Travel Escort

Once you’re ready to book, get in touch with us! We are available on +447404249226, or you can email us on [email protected] to discuss your travel booking in more depth. For travel companionship, we advise booking well in advance to ensure the escort you wish to accompany you is available. 

Our agency specialises in arranging travel bookings. We will ask you for the important details such as date, place and time, then arrange the rest and liaise with the model to confirm the booking. Your details will remain confidential, and we will not share them with anyone outside of booking. You should receive confirmation within 30 minutes of booking. However, if you do not, please let us know and get in touch, as we want everything to be perfect for this occasion.


Preparing for Your Experience

It's always important to be prepared, especially for a travel booking! Make sure you know exactly where and when you are meeting an escort for your trip, and if you are unsure of any details, you can always ask us. When you meet each other, it is also essential to bring the right amount of cash or have the money ready for an escort's payment. 

Our escorts enjoy the finest experiences, so ensure that a nice hotel is booked and any reservations are made if you are looking for a dinner date to spoil an escort. 

If circumstances change or you will be late for your arranged meet-up, please contact the agency immediately. We will get in touch with the escort to let them know about the changes. For those cancelling their booking, please do it with as much notice as possible as our models are in high demand and could use that time to make other arrangements.