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You may already be aware, but The Netherlands boasts a different approach to escorting than the rest of Europe. Here, escorting is a completely legal and non-taboo profession which allows for a previously unprecedented ability to market yourself as an escort. 

With escorts being so freely available in Holland, you might be asking yourself: just why should I pick Megan’s Models?

The difference between our escorts and any other is multi faceted. First of all, every single escort you see within any of our galleries is a true professional, having perfect their service in ways that you can’t even imagine. These girls have quickly risen to the top of their game and gained international recognition for the unmatched service. Secondly, our girls are companions first and escorts second. This means that they will always put you, your comfort and your enjoyment first when on a booking. Whether this means soft touches in a dimly lit room or a thoroughly engaging conversation is completely up to you. 

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  • - Luxury companions 
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