June 14, 2024

Your Amazing First Time with our Virgin Experience

Your first time can be a daunting experience. Often it involves awkward fumbling with condoms, uncertainty, and the pressure to know what you’re doing.

Here at Megan’s Models, we take all the stress away, giving you a safe and relaxing environment tailored to exactly what you want your first time to be. We specialise in the unique needs of virgins. The average age for British men to lose their virginity is 18 - and our high-class escorts are committed to making it a special experience that you’ll never forget.

Why choose Megan’s Models?

Whatever you want your first intimate encounter to look like, we can help. We first begin with a personal consultation, where we will go over your desires, expectations, and boundaries, to create an experience tailored to you.

All our virgin experiences aim to create a relaxing, romantic atmosphere. If you want to relax and get to know your exclusive escort first, we recommend the GFE. She will be able to reassure you, making you feel loved and cared for, as well as putting you at ease.

The two of you can go out for dinner, go for a romantic stroll by moonlight, relax in a luxury suite, or even in the comfort of your own home. The location is up to you, and whatever you feel most comfortable with. Every detail will be tailored to you. 

Our models will take the lead, helping to guide and advise you, as well as making sure you feel amazing. You’ll be able to feel confident and at ease while exploring your sexuality and desires.

The virgin experience will help you feel more confident so you can navigate future encounters easily with your new knowledge of what you enjoy and your experience. 

The virgin experience is for those who appreciate the finer things in life, and a true journey of self-discovery to be celebrated. 

What model can I choose at Megan’s Models?

We recommend choosing a model who specialises in the virgin experience or the GFE. Our kind and gentle models will make sure to help you relax and enjoy the experience, creating unforgettable memories that you will always look back on.

Depending on your age you may prefer a younger model, similar to your own age. On the other hand, if you want someone experience, our mature models are confident in their ability to give you an incredible night. All our models are friendly, fun, sociable and down-to-earth. You’ll feel as if you’ve known her for years!

You can also choose your dream girl here. All our elite models are chosen for their beauty, intelligence and passion for their job. Meet a gorgeous bombshell blonde, a busty brunette, or fiery redhead. We can also tailor your preference to whether you want a curvy, pocket-sized petite girl or a tall, willowy tall girl. You can also choose right down to eye colour and nationality. 

Is it a good idea for my first-time to be with an escort?

If you have no experience with women, and it’s your first time, meeting an escort can be a great choice. If you are especially nervous (which can be for a myriad of reasons), or struggling to meet a girl the traditional way, meeting an escort can take the stress out of the experience.

There are plenty of advantages - there’s no need to rush, or even to take it slow - the experience is going to be exactly what you want, and how you want it. Your escort will also be able to take the lead, showing you how to touch her as well as touching you.

If you’ve never been with a woman before, this is your ideal chance to explore her body, as well as your own as you learn what feels good for you with another person. You will also be able to open up about your fantasies, preferences and desires. Additionally, there is no pressure to perform. 

You may want your first time to be special, and with Megan’s Models, this is guaranteed. There is no criticism or judgment, and your first intimate experience can be with the girl of your dreams. All of our exclusive models are flawless, stunning beauties.

You can enjoy the GFE without the pressures of a relationship. If dating or serious relationships aren’t for you, meeting an escort is the ideal solution.

Even if you’re not a virgin, but are inexperienced, our virgin experience could be perfect for you to work on your skill and confidence. The virgin experience can include kissing, cuddling, and taking your time. 

How to book 

Booking is easy! Once you have browsed our gallery and chose the escort for you, simply use our streamlined booking form. Select the escort, then choose your date, time and location. In special requirements, ask for the virgin experience. You can also call us on 07404249226, and our friendly operators will be happy to help and talk things through with you.